WhatsApp Payments vs Google Tez

India is definitely making its move by making digital money as convenient as possible for the masses. The first step towards digital money or payment revolution was made in the year 2016 with the launch of Unified Payments Interface or widely known as UPI. What made the nation realize the worth of digital money is the Prime Minister Narender Modi’s decision to scrap almost 86 percent of the currency in circulation in the same year.

Various e-wallets and digital money platforms like PayTm came into the picture with the integrated UPI platform. Google too decided to utilize the opportunity and launched its application called the Tez.

It is said that with Tez, one can directly pay from the bank account and to the bank account. It wins an edge over the existing platforms as one does not have to reload various wallets. The money remains in the bank and makes sure there is no discrepancy.

Recently Facebook-owned messaging application, WhatsApp has launched a payments service which is also linked to UPI. WhatsApp being the most used messaging application today has won the edge over not only the father of all payment applications like PayTm but also on Google Tez. The biggest said advantage it holds is the popularity it holds. The feature is extremely clean and easy to link a bank account with just a click and make the payments.

The various e-wallet applications like Mobikwik, Paytm are established services, which basically means that they will not be much harmed with the new launch as much as the September launched Google Tez, which coincidently provides almost similar services like that of WhatsApp Payments.

Both WhatsApp Payments and Google Tez are based on UPI and have partnered with various banks like that of HDFC, ICICI to name a few. The biggest advantage WhatsApp has over Google is the number! With 12 million users and growing, WhatsApp is easily the most used and accessible application to the masses. WhatsApp is seen to be winning the competition by being easier to communicate as it is firstly a messenger application and one can easily communicate in case of any trouble with the transfer, whereas, Tez does not come with a messenger service. WhatsApp Payments only helps in transferring of funds, it does not help in making quick payments of bills which Tez does.

This is definitely an interesting turn to the digital money arena of the nation. With Google being the big daddy of the web world, WhatsApp is the most used application by masses, this war to be the best has just started. Which application is the best, only time will tell!


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