WhatsApp Payments Rolling Out in India

In today’s busy schedule who has the time to go and fetch money? We end up using the various digital monetary forums in order to be able to pay our bills and at other places. WhatsApp is the most common medium of communication today. A student interchanges his notes with fellow students via WhatsApp, a boss dedicates work to his subordinates via WhatsApp groups and so on. It is the most used application on an individual’s phone these days.

In the world of Digital Money and WhatsApp, it did not come as a shocker to most when WhatsApp introduced WhatsApp Payments Rolling out in India. The beta version of WhatsApp has started with payments rollings in India for selected iPhones and Android. It is based on UPI and therefore is absolutely safe as the money directly goes to the bank accounts making it a safe and convenient procedure, eliminating the various mobile wallets and money related applications on one’s phones.

Here is a synopsis of all that you need to know about the latest feature of WhatsApp: WhatsApp payments Rolling Out. It is available on the latest version of the app – v2.18.41 for Android and v2.18.22 for iPhone users. The feature is showcased as “Payments” under the settings. Below is a step by step guide on how to add bank account details on the newest feature of your every minute application.

1. Settings -> Payments
2. Bank Accounts, select the ‘Add New Account’ option.
3. Accept and Continue.
4. Verify via SMS.
5. Select the bank.
6. The ‘UPI Setup Complete’ screen.

This is an extremely easy means of transferring money. All you have to do is to open the chat of the particular person and select attach button for Android users and the plus button for iPhone users, after that all you have to do is to put the amount and the UPI PIN of the account and tap on ‘Payment’. Yes, it is that simple now.

This is the first step to an initiative to make the world hassle free.


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