Water Purifier as a Service – Rs. 1 per liter

The water revolution has started! Yes, you heard it right. Since long one of the greatest challenge faced by today’s rising population is the ever-increasing cost and the degrading quality of water. Day by day our access to harmless drinking water is declining. Although a large number of water purifiers have come out, they are not affordable by all because of its high price.

But with OCEO smart, maintainable and reasonable water purification solution will be available for everyone. The smart water purifying device invented by OCEO, purifies the water by using various filtration process. It gives you safe and hygienic water right at your dwelling. The technology used helps in producing both RO mineralized water as well as the non-RO filtered water in the same device.

Now you must be thinking that’s not a great deal. Some of the other water purifiers also offer such type of services. Wait for a little, there is other surprises for you from OCEO water purification service.

  1. With OCEO, you don’t have to buy the purifier thus making you free from the buying cost as well as the maintenance cost.
  2. OCEO has an inbuilt smart sensor technology that helps in keeping track of the flow of the water as well as the working status of the purifier immediately as when necessary.
  3. OCEO offers you to pay Rs.1 per liter, and you can easily recharge water credits online through the OCEO web and mobile application.
  4. OCEO enables easy remote detection of any contaminants in the water that goes into the purifier and gives you alert message to take necessary action.

The successful persons who founded OCEO

Vikram Gulecha, Mahendra Kumar, Hasmukh Gulecha and Rajeev Kumar are the names behind this successful initiative. Their constant quest to produce safe and purified drinking water helped them in developing this technology, for the benefit of the society. In addition, to grow their own personal wealth they also want to grow the social wealth and for them, entrepreneurship is the best way to achieve both the goals. Now let’s know in brief what encouraged them to start this water purification business? What are the challenges they faced?

The reason behind this smart innovation

Vikram Gulecha and other co-founders felt that people depend on water purification system for getting access to superior quality water. But these systems also have their own drawbacks. Drinking bottled water is also not customer friendly, as it is not affordable by all. The production cost of bottled water is also very high as three liters of unpurified water after undergoing purification process produces only one liter of water. This urged the founders to invent a water purification service which is both cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Challenges and opportunity

The major challenged faced by the company is the availability of drinking water and the path of assuring people that the water offered by them is both safe and affordable. But working in the water industry has helped them in meeting several people from a variety of cultures. In spite of the challenges, the company has got a great response from different sectors of the society because of the unique and innovative technology used. OCEO is going to stand as a strong competitor for the water purification industry worldwide.

All we can say is OCEO is a great initiative towards developing a better world.


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