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To excel in academics is what every student aspires to. A strong foundation undoubtedly serves as a building block to a stronger future. Mindhour, serves as a strong platform for all the CBSE and ICSE aspirants who are preparing for their board exams.

Today when we have an edge to edge competition in every sphere; Mindhour definitely helps an individual to learn and progress well in their board examination.

It is a curriculum based program especially crafted for the students to prepare for maths and science. The one-stop solution for the entire syllabi of mathematics and science. Mindhour can be accessed by the individual even in offline mode.

Started by a group of IITians, it is the fastest growing Edu Tech startup in the country with over 5 lakh registered users across 2000 schools in 90 cities.

MindHour Study Tabs have an offline self-study support offering a simplified learning experience. It is a great help for students of Class 6-10, ICSE and CBSE boards, who can study after school and seek support.

The model of this company is students answering questions and getting points which they can redeem in the form of coupons at various stores around them. So a lot of students who want to buy an iPhone or a camera can log on to it and work for it, hence increasing their IQ and learning things for their goals and eventually grow and prosper in academics as well.

Varun Choudhary (CoFounder) handles product and technology.

The brain behind this brand is an electrical engineer from IIT Roorkee. He started working with AEKA Consulting as a project manager and went on to work with Linio in Mexico city as a Business Intelligence Specialist. After working for few years, he started with MindHour with his best friend Sumit.

Sumit Marda and Varun Choudhary have been friends for 18 years. He has also co-founded Sueno Trip.

Sumit (Founder) Marketing and strategy.Sumit Marda the founder, a DIT Dehradun graduate, had started a company called MOOZ (a rural India based pulp drink) before starting and working on MindHour with Varun Choudhary.

Swati- Cofounder and COO at MindHour, has also co-founded Techno India Info Service.

Somya Aggarwal – CoFounder and Head of Content Department at MindHour. She is currently playing the role of CCO and has worked with Siebel Consultant, Infosys before joining MindHour.

How they got the idea:

The idea of Mindhour happened by accident when Varun Choudhary, the co-founder was traveling on a train on a vacation and shared a conversation with a retired school principal who was sad with the education system and changing times and wondered if marks were given by efforts by students on gadgets and gaming, then every student would be a topper. Thus, an idea was born and over a time of research and interviews with parents and students and considering the Gaps in K-12 Education system present in India, the idea of MindHour was born.

It is the 1st Edu-Tech company in India, strictly having NCERT based the syllabus which helps students to get high marks without mugging up words in their brain and rather understanding and learning in an attractive way. Varun Choudhary says it is an idea started by the millennial generation for the gadgeteer’s generation.

After a year’s long research in the year 2014, they started MindHour in Kolkatta and have managed to get 10,000 registered users since their formal launch six months ago and are slowly starting with paid plans for which they have a good response.

MindHour caters to class 6-10th for CBSE and ICSE and board for

Maths, Science and even English and wants to expand to a K-12

Education System.

MindHour Team believes in that education and learning is very important for the growth of any person and they believe that the idea behind their company is to encourage students asking more “questions” and developing the interest to learn and motivation to perform higher and better.


MindHour was started by Varun Chowdary and Sumit Marda using their personal savings and is backed by Bennett, Coleman & Co. Limited.

It has raised an undisclosed amount from Blue-circle Services, which operates in many fields like corporate finance, capital advisory, private equity and angel funding and plans to raise around ₹150 crore from private equity funds to increase operations in India.

The company has invested ₹10 crore, comprising Self-learn products and has a user base of around 5 lakh students and plans to reach put to around 20 lakh students by 2020.

Product Details:

Mindhour has 3 segments Mindhour online (Online Personal Tutor), Mindhour Study Tab (Offline Support for students) and Mindhour class (Private Tuitions by Teachers Trained and Certified by Mindhour).

Mindhour is designed like a game to make the students interested in learning. It reduces the burden as it makes the school syllabus interesting and attractive to the student. The child can learn at its own speed, the ideal way of learning. It ensures better concept clarity through leaning videos on every chapter Mindhour Product Services.

1) Mindhour Tabs (Offline)

Many reports from TRAI have shown that there are many places in India, where internet connection is poor. Also, a lot of parents are not comfortable with their children surfing the net as a lot negative harmful material. Thus, with an offline mode of Mindhour parents are tension free and students tend to learn a lot.

Mindhour study tabs are to develop and increase the IQ of the students.

It is an offline channel which helps kids to study and excel in exams.

Students cannot always find the internet to go on Mindhour and thus this service is an excellent initiative by the founders of Mindhour, who believe that education and learning should be provided to every child in the easiest possible way.

It has highly experiential learning videos for each chapter according to the latest NCERT syllabus and is conceptualized by the Indian best teachers.

It covers the whole of ICSE and CBSE for Science, Maths, and English for classes 6-10. It is a highly personalized and perfect guide for home tuition.

The tests help you find your weakness and cover them into strengths and develops the self-interest to study among children. The best part of this offline tab is the user interface as it is developed like a game like an experience, and for the generation hooked on to gaming and gadgets. It is very easy for them to learn and grow. It also offers doubt clearing support on request.

2) MindHour online

Challenger – ₹7739/- per year

This service offers maths, science and English grammar, CBSE and

ICSE for Class 6-10 + Puzzle Box.

Master – ₹15117/- per year
Maths, science and English grammar, CBSE and ICSE for Class 6-10 +Puzzle box, All India test series, Personal Nurturing and Talk to the Teacher.

Puzzle box: This is a brain-enhancing tool, Questions ranging from

General Intelligence, IQ, Aptitude, to World News and International Affairs are covered in this to make sure overall brain development of the student.

The online courses offer the following advantages:

-You can talk to a teacher who is trained and certified by MindHour anytime and    anywhere

– Goal-based learning for best performance with test papers

– Weekly exams for ensuring preparation, confidence, and help

– Interesting learning videos on various topics

– Unlimited questions with detailed solutions according to NCERT


– Progress check and analysis of the student to check for preparation.

– Reports identifying your weak areas

– Personalized Worksheets prepared by an expert panel of teachers.

-Earn Points and win gifts and set target goals for them

3) Parent and child consulting (Education)

Parents and children can talk to teachers and know the content of each subject where the student lacks in studies and can work together with mindhour to help them grow. With parents becoming overly caution with the child’s growth, mindhour helps them and the children to work together. Mindhour has also launched an APP called Parent App which is a tracking tool for parents.This tool helps parents realize the impact of the

classes on the child and how they are benefitting from it.

They can also see the scores of their children in each exam and check it.

4) Mindhour Classes (Instructor Based Learning)

This is a personalized tuition with multiple students taught in an audio-visual format. In MindHour classes, students can learn a variety of knowledgeable things on the tab, as the content is prepared by India’s best teachers and has a wider scope of knowledge and learning compared to tuition given by just one teacher.

Audio Visual Content:

A child learns in a contextual and visual way against conventional tuitions. The most complex concepts can be understood in an easy and fast way as students tend to learn things visually faster than words.


The content is highly simplified to make it effective. It is certified by Mindhour teachers. In normal tuitions, a single teacher makes the content restricted his or her knowledge and hence the standard is low. Content at Mindhour is prepared by many teachers who have different ability and knowledge. It is also supervised by a group of IIT Graduates before it qualifies.

Hands on experience:

At Mindhour classes students are given hands-on experience in many of the topics in science so they can learn by doing and observing. It is like a form of practical education with some theory. Learning starts to become interactive and not boring by just mugging up words.

The teachers of Mindhour are not normal teachers; rather their roles go ahead and act as mentors to students. They give time to time, need-based counseling for children. They try to convert a child’s weakness and fears into strengths and guide them to do the greatest in their life.


The major challenges faced by the mind hour team was to convince parents and students to try to learn through this model or learning and start the business initially, With Varun Choudhary and Sumit Marda’s personal savings they started Mindhour and eventually with funding from PE Funding, Mindhour has started becoming a brand but that’s not it, Mindhour faces tough competition from Byjus, Cue-math, Vedanta, and topper.

Mindhour claims are the only Edu-tech company in India which

provides all three modes of providing study materials students. Online Classes, Study Tabs, Tuition Classes. They claim that their quality is what will help them stay ahead of their competition.

Sales and Growth

Mindhour an idea which stuck few friends on a vacation has turned into one of the biggest startups in the country. they are the 1st Education technology-based startup in India and have gone international in 2017. Their mission is not about just digitizing the content but to make children and parents come forward with this new type of education and learning experience. Mindhour’s objective is to improve the performance of students at all levels starting from backbenchers and average students to bright students. Their goal is to have two million registered students by March 2018 and create a burden-free learning environment.

Mindhour did a beta Launch in November 2014 in Kolkotta and went global on 17th April 2015. They gained more than 10,000 students from 250 different schools across India and now offer class 6-10 for

CBSE and ICSE board only. Karnataka, Kerala and Maharastra state boards shall be added in the near future. They have already started in the 1st phase of classes 1-5 and plan to target at least three Latin American Countries very soon.

Mindhour also launched its franchise model in September 2016 giving out Mindhour classes franchise and retail franchise. They have on board more than 50 partners across 30 cities like Sony, Apple, Wow-Momo, Food Panda, Microsoft, Cosco, Firstcry.com and much more and have a presence in all top metros and sub-metros.

It has launched its products in Tamil Nadu throughout its franchise Mindhour Tamil Nadu Pvt Ltd. Ram N Ramamurthy the director of the franchise says the company will set up the distribution network of 120 partners across the state. They will also launch state board (matriculation) curriculum-based products

In Tamil Nadu, it launched its products through its franchisee MindHour Tamil Nadu Pvt Ltd.

ABRP Reddy the CEO has announced scholarships up to Rs 1 crore for school students across Tamil Nadu on the basis of merit. They will be provided with 100% fee waiver for online programmes and 50% fee waiver for tab-based programmes

The funds raised by the company will be used to market and combine their place in the country with over 5 lakh users across all platforms from 92 cities, 30 offices in the county and have tied up over 2000 schools and are growing at a rapid pace. By 2020 they want Mindhour as a part of their school methodology and are in talks with schools.

The top institutions that they have partnered with are Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan,
Akshara, Apeejey School, Amity Public School Vasanth Valley, Bal Bharathi, etc.


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