LinCodes: Your best travel buddy

Since years, travelers have spent time trying to find the perfect location. Wandering might sound fun but not all who wanders are lost.  But, it is not as much fun when you are wandering and just not able to find the right place. It is in these situations, we now have a new best companion – LinCodes .

LinCodes, is made specifically for us Indians. It is a well defined digital addressing system. The adaptive technology conveniently transforms the pin codes to a detailed and easy manner for the traveler to decipher and locate. LinCodes digital addressing system helps to locate by dividing the entire nation into a grind of more than 360 billion squares of 10ft x 10ft. Each of the squares has been allocated a unique 12 digit numeric, like the adhar card identification number. It is easy and friendly for all the Indian to now travel and has fun at the same time.

The media has shown a lot of appreciation and love to our very Indian LinCodes. Times of India quotes “ Get an accurate 12-digit address for every corner of India, with LinCodes!”, the New Indian Express says there is absolutely nothing to fret when you have LinCodes. Deccan Chronicle and Bloomberg have shown a lot of love as well. Indians are thrilled to use this new travel buddy for their daily use now.

India is a developing nation and the navigation of some of the places are extremely unorganized. Finding the right location can be a task, especially when you are getting late for say, your interview. LinCodes helps you with a well defined and simplistic approach to finding the exact location. The Geolocate icon on the App, helps you zoom on the map and help you find the LinCOde of the exact location.  Once found the exact location, you can save it for the frequent use and based on the privacy settings of a user, friends, and family can also access the location service.

There are a number of features which help the users and travelers feel secured. This digital buddy is a buddy in the true sense.

SOS/ Help Me: Whenever you do not feel secure, you can just send out emergency messages to your friends and family by just clicking the ‘Help Me’ icon twice.

My Circle: This is a new feature. It helps to create a group of your friends and family. One can check the real-time location of anybody from the circle.

There is no more feeling unsafe now. LinCodes helps you not to find the right location with a click on your phone, it also tells you where your loved ones are. It also helps you find your lost phone. It is really is a boon for all the people in India now. It keeps the country, your friends, and everyone together.



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