Customize Slogans, Image of your T-Shirt using smart phone

Smart Apparel is a science and technological brand which deals with Tee-shirts in the smartest way ever! The founders state that they are passionate about the science, reason and equal rights. The philosophy and skepticism are kept intact along with the freethought humanism, space exploration, and evolution. The graphics on the Tee shirts are created and curated with science and wit together. This brand is science, future, and wit combined together!

The founders, Ayyappa Nagubandi, Mahalakshmi Nagubandi and Saumil Shah have created a vision with their Tee-shirts and witty charm. This Hyderabad based startup has wanted to shake the world with its outrage and vision of mixing technology, innovation, and clothes- together. The founders are said to be inspired by the idea of wearing a shirt, which would look basic and simple and also works as a technology accessory. The idea of creating a broadcast wear is what has created the brand and given its identity.

The startup was created in February 2016, with touch-enabled T-shirts. The company did not leave any stone unturned for making a revolution by creating and launching tech supported clothing. The collection ranges have excellent adaptive features, like that of Bluetooth chip that serves as the connection between the apparel and the app. The display panel has 8 rows and 32 columns which provides the user with a limit of 160 characters.

The aim and agenda of the startup are to keep innovating with the sole aim of eliminating superfluous gadgets from your body. The team is looking at a vision of 150 plus samples by the end of this year. It is a massive technological growth and jumps in terms of garments in this industry.

One of the finest products of this startup is that it allows the person to display words and designs of the wearer’s choice in front of the Tee-Shirt. The graphics options can be changed as and when the mood strikes and changes. Another option of this startup is that it has an equalizing feature which helps the wearer to display the music waves on the person’s Tee while entering a pub or a discotheque.

Another range which hit the world of Tee-shirts is the cyclist’s jersey range. It has LED sensors which light up near the neck area of the person. Whenever the person raises his or her right arm, the LED blinks to signal the others. It is safe for the person to cycle in the dark.  You name it, and you have it. There is another app which allows the designs, slogans and everything that a person would want to personalize their clothes with. The Bluetooth chip serves as the connection between the apparel and the app. The usage of technology like Surface Mounted LED (SMD-LED) in the T-shirt with a flexible printed circuit board (PCB). The front panel is said to be connected to a microprocessor and a Bluetooth chip using a conductive thread.

This startup is a dream by the founders. This is how the nation will stand hand in hand with the developed nations of the world. It not only suffices the passion and love for the science of the founders, it also helps the wearer to remain safe, like that of the cyclist jersey which would help anybody to get and take notice of the cyclist in the dark. It is a fine step towards making the geeks and fashionistas the best of friends again. Kudos to the team for coming up such a brilliant idea.


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