Whatsapp Payment India

WhatsApp Payments vs Google Tez

India is definitely making its move by making digital money as convenient as possible for the masses. The first step…

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Website Optimized

Top 10 website optimization tips

Having a website is the stepping stone to a successful business. It is the inevitable part of today‚Äôs technology-driven world….

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LinCodes logo

LinCodes: Your best travel buddy

Since years, travelers have spent time trying to find the perfect location. Wandering might sound fun but not all who…

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Smart Apparel

Customize Slogans, Image of your T-Shirt using smart phone

Smart Apparel is a science and technological brand which deals with Tee-shirts in the smartest way ever! The founders state…

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MindHour: Smart Learning

To excel in academics is what every student aspires to. A strong foundation undoubtedly serves as a building block to…

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Knee replacement is 20x cheaper, thanks to AlgoSurg

Algosurg is a group of young enthusiasts who have gifted the world a cloud-based software platform for 3D surgery based…

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