Knee replacement is 20x cheaper, thanks to AlgoSurg

Algosurg is a group of young enthusiasts who have gifted the world a cloud-based software platform for 3D surgery based on X-ray. It is a technological advancement with a group of orthopedic surgeons who does replacement surgeries and deformity correction based on 3D surgery and patient specific instrument designs. With the help of 3D virtual surgery plans the surgical decisions were more accurate and also, the patient specific instruments (PSI) helped in the perfect execution of the plans. Henceforth the world is gifted with an amazing technology to have more accurate, low cost, fast and reliable surgeries for all their orthopedic issues.

The technology also referred to as ‘XrayTo3D’ is implemented with the help of a software known as ‘Tabplan3D’. Hence a new technology was born, which made it possible to generate a 3D model of bone on mobile phones with the use of just two X-ray images. This model can be further viewed from any angle and can be used for the virtual simulation of surgery.

The low cost of the software is definitely a boon to the medical industry.

Founder Details:

Algosurg was founded by Dr. Vikas Karade and Amit Maurya both of them have graduated from Indian Institute Of Technology, Bombay. Algosurg is based out in Mumbai and the current headcount of the team is 7 members at present.

How they got the idea:

During his college days, when the founder got stumbled upon a discussion between the finest orthopedic surgeons regarding the practicality and feasibility of the conversion of a 2D X-Ray image into a 3D model for the bone. This discussion made him more curious and he ended up taking it as a part of his Ph.D. research and thus developed an algorithm which was a step closer to resolve this issue. Also, the algorithm was a replacement for the expensive CT scans which usually takes place during the knee replacement surgeries.


The Government grant awards and equity investments have helped them generate an amount of almost 1 crore. At the initial stage, the project was funded by DST, BIRAC, DIETY; all government organizations.


Algosurg has undoubtedly given the world an amazing update to the medical world. So, the world too has recognized it and has given it immense recognition across the globe. The startup has bagged many awards and recognition on both national and international forums.

– In 2017, Algosurg was the Winner of American Bazaar Startup Competition. The competition was based on US-India startup forum.

– In 2016, they bagged the MIMICs Innovation Award in the entire Asia Pacific Region; Materialise Inc.

– In 2015, Algosurg bagged the gold medal in the India Innovation Growth Program.

– In 2015, the received the President Innovation Scholar in the In-Residence Program.

– Again in the year 2015 itself, they were selected among the top 10 StartUps for the entrepreneurship exposure program conducted by the TiE Silicon Valley, San Francisco, USA.

– In 2015, they were selected among the Top 8 StartUps for the commercialization support by the IC2 Institute from the University of Texas, USA.

– In 2014, they bagged the Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Award.

– Also, they were amongst the top 10 finalists in the Dupont’s and the Time’s Power of Shunya.


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