Indian startup Oakter can automate your home appliances

Say hello to advanced technology! Every task can be performed within seconds due to the power of technology. In the world of robotics and smartphones, your home should be smart as well. How? Why are we saying that? Is it possible?

It is possible through Oakter, an IOT based home automation system. You can control all your home appliances with this technology.

Getting an Oakter technology has several benefits which we are going to cover in this article. We are also going to tell you all about the home automation startup.

About The Startup Company:

Brilliant ideas come from brilliant minds. Who are the visionary people behind this great innovation?

The home appliances automation system has been introduced by the trio Nitin K David, Shishir K Gupta and Varun Gupta. This is the second venture for the trio.

Shishir has a B.Tech degree from IIT Delhi. Varun is an Electronics Engineer from Punjab University. David is also a student of IIT Delhi.

In the year 2014, they came up with the idea of designing and creating something that will help Indian users.

Their first innovative invention was the solar air conditioner. It did not prove to be successful in the Indian market as the cost was too high.

The Oakter smart home kit is their second invention and it costs a mere Rs. 4750. This invention is absolute brilliance because you can control your home appliances through it. You can automate your home appliances through this kit.

It is a Noida-based home automation startup and we are sure that it will make way into everyone’s home. There is a larger kit available that costs Rs. 10,000.

How does the kit work?

Many people have several questions in their mind about this product. Does it work? How does it work? We are going to cover all that and more in this segment.

You can control your appliances through your Android or iOS phone. The whole idea behind this product is to save electricity.

We always talk about conserving energy but we do not do anything about it. There are times when the air conditioner freezes us at wee hours of the night.

At such instances, your Oakter smart kit possesses a smart on and off schedule.

Once you get the kit, you can start controlling the home appliances by using the special application.

It will give you the complete setup guideline which will help you to start the technology. The application connects you to the Oakter hub. Now, this hub creates its very own WiFi. Once you set up the WiFi, you will see the two devices on the application.

You can switch those appliances on and off with this application. The product claims that you can add up to 50 appliances to this.

You can control the geyser, air conditioner, water pump, fish tank, rice cooker, mosquito repellent and water motor with this visionary product.

Sometimes you may forget to switch off the geyser which translates to high electricity bills. This product will help you to save electricity and your hard-earned cash.

The Investors:

Every business idea requires investors. This product needed investors too!

The trio joined hands with few angel investors. The company also received funding from Binny Bansal, Spice Group, Indian Quotient and Rajul Garg.

The idea is just the beginning but it needs few helping hands as well. These were the people and companies, who helped the trio.

Currently, the trio is waiting for the sales to go up. We are sure that it will reach new heights and become a truly successful product in India. The price is not sky-rocket high and the idea is excellent.

The trio is focusing on the sales and marketing part now. They will be spreading awareness in Delhi NCR about this product and its benefits.

Does it really work?

This is probably the second question that comes to your mind. Does it really work?

Even if it is not a huge price to pay but you want the best product with the money that you spend. There are people, who have tried the product and they really liked the whole concept.

It is something new for India because we rarely see such innovations. You can automate your home appliances with a small product.

The concept is evolving and the trio has done justice to it. Saving electricity is a noble thought because there are still many people in India, who live without electricity.

We should not be wasting it but conserving it. The idea is noble and the execution is good. The product has been priced well and the middle-income group can easily afford it.

Words from the Wise

When a new invention enters the market, we have our eyes on them. This product motivated us to think about the environment.

We are also regretting the fact that we should have concentrated on our Science lessons. The three extra-ordinarily talented and intelligent men joined hands and created something really fantastic.

It is a praise-worthy invention. It is also a step towards protecting the environment and saving electricity.

Should you buy it? It really depends on your requirements for the home. If you are forgetful and have the need to control your home appliances, you should get the Oakter smart kit.

The price is not high and the concept is fantastic. India is certainly heading towards a brighter and advanced future. It already has! Thanks to people like Varun, Shishir and Nitin, we have technologies that inspire us!

The home automation startup is truly a noble idea and we are going to get our kit soon. What about you? Such inventions should be a part of your home. Get it now!

You can buy the product from the official website


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