Startup HelthifyMe can help you to reduce your weight

It is time to get healthy! Are you the type of person, who does not lose weight by hitting the gym? Just think again! There are many people out there, who are not losing weight after running on the treadmill for hours. They hope for a miracle but they do not understand the simple rule that it all starts in the kitchen. There are another set of people, who are too lazy to step out to go to the gym. You may be having financial problems and that is probably the reason that you are not losing all the weight. You do not have to stress too much because technology is here for you with some free gifts!

Have you heard about the application called Healthify Me? It is time to say goodbye to your fat belly and welcome the brand new flat belly! Healthify ME is a vision and it is also a way of life. It is a weight loss platform which aims to make India fit and fine. Being fat is not unattractive but obesity is a big disease which needs a solution. Health start-up HealthifyMe provides fitness services on your mobile. It supports the iOS and Android devices. Today, we are going to cover all about the application and why you should be using it. You may have several questions about the application as a consumer and we are here to tell you all about it. Read on to find out more about the coolest application for weight-watchers!

Who is behind the successful application?

Tushar Vashisht, Mathew Cherian, and Sachin Shenoy are the names behind the successful company. It has been 5 years and today, it is the most useful application for the youth. Tushar Vashisht is an alumnus of the University of Pennsylvania and Sachin Shenoy is a former Google Engineer. Mathew Cherian is an MIT graduate. Tushar Vashisht is the CEO and founder of the company. What was his aim? How did he get the idea?

The Aim of HealthifyMe

Tushar Vashisht was overweight and after his own weight loss experience, he came up with the idea of starting an application which will help people to get healthy and in shape. He lost weight after working for Unique Identification Authority of India. In 2010, he got the idea and he and Mathew Cherian started to put together a list of foods that will help in weight loss. The boys took a year to establish the company and later, Sachin joined hands with them. The intention behind starting the application was to help people to live a healthy lifestyle. Weight loss can be such a transformational phase of your life! Heath start-up HealthifyMe has come a long way and there are many people in India, who use the application and they have seen fantastic and visible results.

How does it work?

You would need to go to Google Play Store and type the name of the application. Type Healthify ME. Install it on your device and you will get a 7-day free trial. The application connects you to the nutritionists and they guide you with your diet chart. You can give your weight, height and weight loss goal details. The nutritionist makes a chart according to that. The trainer will reply to you through the application and they personally call you as well. There are nutritionists and fitness coaches that you can get in touch with!

There are people, who feel conscious to go to the gym but they need a trainer for the weight loss journey. The health start-up HealthifyMe is a companion, who stays with you through the weight loss journey. You will get all the guidance that you need. You will have a personal weight loss coach, who will tell you everything you need to know about successful weight loss. Here is how it works out! Take a quick look.

  • Set the goal (realistic ones)
  • Track the calories that you intake. Yes, there is a calorie calculator.
  • Get personalized coaching. There are fitness, diet and even yoga coaches, who will guide you well. (by paying a small price)


Features of Healthify ME

  • It is an Indian application which allows you to keep track of the calories that you consumed! There are many calorie calculators but there are very few good ones which have Indian dishes listed!
  • The affordability of this application makes it a top choice. There are features like calorie tracking which is free of cost. Also, the coaching price is not sky-rocket high!
  • Amazing coaches are there to guide you personally! They give you a call and make sure that they track YOUR progress. Who does that? It is like having a personal coach without paying a fortune.
  • It is very easy to use. Those who are technologically challenged can use this app with ease.
  • The app is personalized. There are many facilities offered through this application. You can gain weight, lose weight or build muscle as well.

Final Verdict

The premium members enjoy great benefits from the application. You do not have to pay a fortune to enjoy the premium benefits. It has India’s top coaches, who are there for 24*7. Who gives such services at such a low cost? Many people have used this app and they have lost a lot of weight. Some of them have lost 30 kilograms in few months which are a huge achievement. They have a customer care number as well. You can call them anytime and you will get the best consultation. The idea is noble, isn’t it? Losing weight may seem like a difficult thing to do but you can do it! There is nothing impossible in this world and Healthify has proved it! All you need to do is install the app and enjoy the never-ending benefits. You will be glad that you chose Healthify me as your fitness app! There is nothing like this application. Get fit and fabulous!


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